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Our history


When you become a mom, a new life begins. 24/7 job, a lot of responsibility, chaos, sleepless nights and also a great love, lots of laughter, lots of fun and natural basic trust determine everyday life.

The idea of KidsBeautyworld came about when this photo was taken. I couldn't use the "mainstream" products from the common drugstores and supermarkets for my children. Rash, itching and intolerance were very often the reaction. So I started looking for high-quality and compatible care. I have discovered many great products in the field of natural children's cosmetics. Unfortunately, these were never available compactly in a shop.

That was the great moment of Kidsbeautyworld.

Kidsbeautyworld is a shop with a focus on natural children's cosmetics with quality and sustainability. Our range offers a selection of high-quality cosmetics for face, body and hair care - only for kids. But mums don't come off badly either; o). We attach great importance to natural ingredients and quality. Most of our products are certified. Our range includes well-known brands, but also regional manufacturers, for whom environmentally friendly production and packaging is just as important to us as it is to us.

Have fun strolling through the Kidsbeautyworld .

Katja Nickel, CEO KidsBeautyWorld  

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